The Secret to Slim Thighs

Published: 03rd March 2009
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Slim thighs are never produced through traditional leg machines or doing the cardio in the gym. A lot of people are misconceived that by doing these routines, they will achieve the result that they are working out for.

However, slim thighs are a result of three components which when consistently followed and pursued, will definitely yield outstanding results.

1. Proper Nutrition: Slimmer thighs are never achieved without the right food in the body. Workout routines and head knowledge go to waste when wrong kinds of food enter the body. Wrong foods maintains or store more body fat around the midsection, arms, butt and thighs. Moreover, fat blurs the visibility of the underlying muscles and its muscular definition.

Eating enough quantities of the right kinds of nutritious, fat burning food help keep sexy and lean legs. A great rule of thumb is to make sure to eat at least 5 small meals each day: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner.

Getting into the habit of eating more frequently starts to boost the metabolism to burn fat and thigh slimming is hastened.
2. Strength Training: Getting "bulky" muscles just from strength training is 100% pure myth. Building the kind of muscle mass seen on bodybuilders is absolutely unrealistic for the majority of people, especially women. Unlike men, women naturally have lower levels of testosterone which makes it more difficult for them to build muscle mass.

Slim thighs with nice "tone" requires a certain level of muscularity anyway. Adding some lean muscle to the thighs will gives sexy curvaceous appeal. And that comes from intense strength training and not from doing the leg machines at the gym with light weights and lots of repetitions.

The following thigh slimming exercises can get you started: squats, forward lunge walks and box or bench jumps.

3. Cardiovascular Training: A different twist on a typical cardio routine burns more calories and fat while stimulating the thighs to add some lean, sexy muscle tone.

Getting the thighs slim requires the combination of sufficient muscularity and low body fat. Leg muscles lie underneath a layer of fat cells. Fat cells store body fat. The more fat in the leg, the bigger fat cells become and the less visible the muscles are. Hence, the fat from the fat cells needs to be burned in order to see those slim thighs underneath.

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Tom Merrick is both a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach. He has worked in the fitness industry since 2003 and operates his Personal Training business Exceed and Excel from Planet fitness. For personalized, group and corporate training and coaching, contact Tom at 0402 026 093 or (02) 6651 1172. WEBMASTERS: Use of this article requires links to remain intact.

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